Travel blog for adventure lovers

Travel blog for adventure lovers

5 Things to Do in Rangoon in Burma

Burma is the new must-see destination in South East Asia. Relatively untouched by tourism for many years, the whole country seems to have remained stuck in the past. Rangoon (or “Yangon”, and officially Yangon) was an exotic and romantic name… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss

Sri Lanka: what to do and what to see? Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island known more for its production of tea and spices to be a leading tourist destination in Asia. Since 2009, when the… Continue Reading →

How to Find the Best Cheap Hotels in London

How to Find the Best Cheap Hotels in London There are so many hotels that visitors can be booked in when they visit London. The hotels provide different pleasant services that anyone would love to have. The problem however, is… Continue Reading →

Why visit Algeria ?

The Algeria, covered more than 80% by the Sahara desert, is still too little known in tourism. Although the Great Southern Algeria is not recommended, the North is to discover. Roman remains, the coastal cities, the view on the Atlas,… Continue Reading →

Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi during your Vietnam holiday

The charming¬† Hanoi city has many things to offer to travellers in its center since it is a city of flowers, giving a poetic and colorful town character. Arriving in Hanoi, travelers are impressed by the variety of flowers, each… Continue Reading →

Luxury And Bargains At Boutique Hotels

One of the newest concepts in hotels is boutique hotels. If you are like most people, you want to stay somewhere nice when you go on vacation, but do not want to pay full price for a luxury hotel. Boutique… Continue Reading →

Travelling to Turkey on a Budget

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries to travel in the whole world. The country has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. There are classy beaches located on the coast, amazing sites, great architectural designs, and… Continue Reading →

Travel Tips For The Business Traveler

  If you want to get travel tips, the best place to go is online. There you can not only get tips on how to save money when you travel, as well as which are the best destinations, but you… Continue Reading →

North of Vietnam : Hanoi city, Halong bay , Lan ha bay

Hanoi, the city of horns! Here is a short article to give you our first impressions of Hanoi. You are going to be quickly reassured on the sympathy of the Vietnamese. Despite the disastrous experience we had in the night… Continue Reading →

Vietnam trekking Travel to Ha Giang and meet Lolo people

Travel to Ha Giang and meet Lolo If you like the stunning scenery of Ha Giang , and you want to exchange with local people go to meet Lolo in their hidden valley in a beautiful village. Mainly living in… Continue Reading →

Any Time Of The Year Is The Perfect Time To Escape To Ski Condos

Whether you have invested in ski condos or are just visiting a friend, you will fall in love with it. Many vacationers share the costs with friends or family and take advantage of the extra bedrooms. Getting away from daily… Continue Reading →

Vacationing In Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is one of the most popular holiday spots in the world since it is situated near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This may not be a good spot for all visitors because it is very busy. People… Continue Reading →

Benefits From SeaTac Airport Parking

The most common problem when one to has to travel out of the country or out of town is where to park his or her vehicle that he or she cannot bring during her trip. This is the reason that… Continue Reading →

Mauritius Offers Luxurious Weddings

For those who are about to get married, being able to reserve a whole luxury resort set in one of the most idyllic islands on the planet for a four day extravaganza with all of your family and friends would… Continue Reading →

Cebu Dive Center

Anyone who wants to join a dive center for a training course would have some expectations. The people organizing the dive center should place themselves as customers and think what would be the expectations. This would help them take right… Continue Reading →

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