5 Things to Do in Rangoon in Burma

Burma is the new must-see destination in South East Asia. Relatively untouched by tourism for many years, the whole country seems to have remained stuck in the past. Rangoon (or “Yangon”, and officially Yangon) was an exotic and romantic name for centuries and has inspired artists such as George Orwell (1984) and Rudyard Kipling (The Jungle Book) However, things change quickly and we saw (and still see) appear fast food, from mobile phones, etc … and everything indicates that Burma is accelerating its integration into the 21st century. Here are some ideas of tours and activities to do in Rangoon in Burma‘s largest city:

Things to Do in Rangoon in Burma

Things to Do in Rangoon in Burma

1. Shwedagon Pagoda

If you need to see one thing in Rangoon, it must be the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is the treasure of the nation, and a place of worship must for every Burmese. The main stupa at Shwedagon, which means “gold” in Burmese claims contain the hair of Buddha himself, and jewelry hanging at the top of the building are valued at over a billion dollars. Visit in the late afternoon is best because there is a hushed and mystical atmosphere, families meeting and pilgrims paying homage, and you can get a magnificent view of the sunset from the southwest corner. The entrance to Shwedagon is about 7 € 50 for foreigners. If you can, hire a guide because their knowledge of the history of the pagodas is awesome! After sunset, the ideal is to have a drink on a rooftop not far to get a view of the pagoda and the city at dusk.

2. Inya and Kandawgyi lakes

Rangoon hosts two large artificial lakes , Inya and Kandawgyi. Both are good places to soak up the atmosphere among the locals, and a perfect place for a romantic stroll or a relaxing time. Inya Lake is the larger of the two, and the area surrounding it is one of the richest neighborhoods with most embassies, the University of Yangon, and the house of Aung San Suu Kyi nearby.
3. Dala

As lakes, Rangoon, it is also a large meandering river is a popular navigation path and one of the main reasons the British invasion in 1819. If you want to escape the city, then take a ferry on the River to the small rural village of Dala. Despite its location, Dala is still a very traditional village with houses made ​​of bamboo and dirt roads. There are no cars here, but you can hire a rickshaw for you to visit the village and its relaxed lifestyle. Dala receives few visitors, and there is no tourist industry, but the “cyclo-pushers” usually speak enough English to explain things. To get to Dala, simply go to the river and take the ferry across. There is a ferry, and it is easy to find. Ticket prices are € 1.5 to 3.5 (depending on the mood of the agent service), and you must write your name and country in a book. The journey takes about 20 minutes, and there are traditional Burmese snacks on board.
4. Stroll through downtown

The architecture ruined Rangoon and colonial buildings are something to see. Take a walk in the center, and you will find the streets led by the activity, but you can expect from prying eyes and greetings as tourism (and foreigners) is still relatively new to the people. Strolling through the streets, do not forget to take a break for tea (or coffee) (very sweet) on the sidewalk on a low chairs, but always hot drink whatever the temperature.
5.Bogyoke Market

The most famous Bogyoke market Myanmar (Burma) (or Boyote), is ideal for buying antiques, gold, souvenirs, or longyis (traditional dress). You will be amazed at the bargains to be had, but do not change money on the market, even if the rate looks good, you’re likely to be scammed. After shopping, cross the street to get in a great hotel for a relaxing time in air-conditioned luxury. They serve a reasonable hearty menu. The hotel is also a good and rare place to connect wifi free.
The former Burmese capital is a must do

Despite being a former capital Rangoon is still relatively undeveloped, allowing visitors to step back in time. There are not many shops or attractions here, but what you get instead is a glimpse of real life, and a chance to take his time and explore a forgotten city and bustling energy and charm. The best time to visit Rangoon is between October and January, but even off-season, you’ll be greeted with a big smile.

How to go to Rangoon?

Travelers often arrive from Northwest Thailand,  for example Chiang Mai . Alternatively, it is possible to find a cheap flight to Rangoon (Yangon) on Skyscanner. Please check camping gear for any info about camping  options and gears choice to prepare your Rangoon trip

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss

Sri Lanka: what to do and what to see?

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island known more for its production of tea and spices to be a leading tourist destination in Asia. Since 2009, when the end of the civil war that lasted thirty years, the country is changing. It becomes every day a destination increasingly popular with tourists for  sun and seaside holiday. Besides the beautiful beaches of the south or east, the country also has many attractions, both cultural and natural. Among them, there are no less than seven cultural and natural sites inscribed on the World Heritage, many places borrowing the rich history of the island, a number of Buddhist and Hindu temples, lush nature with natural parks and beautiful landscapes. “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, is the nickname given during its discovery by Europeans, a nickname that today it still suits perfectly.

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss


Economic capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo does not reflect, with its skyscrapers and traffic jams, the idyllic image of the island. Despite some flaws, the city is still an important step during a stay on the island. It does not stand out from the beaches or hiking but by its past, its heritage and its markets. Founded by the Portuguese, it is possible to distinguish some traces of this history by visiting the neighborhood of the fort. The city is also famous for its Buddhist and Hindu temples, as well as the Pettah district famous for its market and stalls selling fruit and vegetables.


Located in the heart of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura is not least the cradle of the island. First capital for fifteen centuries, the city is popular for its spiritual dimension. Buddhism is ubiquitous. UNESCO World Heritage, this site contains over a dozen kilometers, a multitude of treasures like the first stupas of the island and the cutting of the bo tree under which Buddha  attained enlightenment.

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss

Bo Tree, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Also located in the heart of the island, Polonnaruwa is the second historic capital of Sri Lanka. The city is known to contain an enormous archaeological site dating from the XI-XII centuries, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage. We see temples,  numerous statues which four famous Buddhas of Kalu Gal Vihara.


The eastern facade of the island has often been in the news for years of wars and natural disasters that occurred there. Today, the region is experiencing a revival Trincomalee. A few kilometers north of the city, the Uppuveli and Nilaveli beaches are among the most beautiful on the island.

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss

Sri Lanka: 15 places not to miss

Sigiriya and the Lion Rock

Sigiriya Lion Rock and is one of the most amazing sights that are found in Sri Lanka. At the top of this huge monolith rock  that defies the center of the island are the ruins of a royal palace. The existence of this strange and ancient capital is the result of a virulent opposition within the royal family of the eighth century.

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The caves of Dambulla

Located atop a hill, the five caves of Dambulla is one of the holy places of Buddhism. They contain an impressive amount of statues depicting Buddha and some murals. At the foot of the hill, under the imposing golden statue is a museum of Buddhism.

The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy

Surrounded by mountains and hills, Kandy was the last capital of the island to fall into the hands of European colonizers in 1815. Kandy, it is primarily the center of the country. It is also an artificial lake around which it is pleasant to walk and adjacent to the high place of Sri Lankan Buddhism, the temple of the Tooth. This temple houses a Buddha relics, namely the tooth, which is conserved in seven reliquaries shaped stupa. The tooth is not shown to the public every 7 years; next time will be in 2015, but expect to queue to get there!

Nuwara Eliya

Are we still in Sri Lanka? This is the question that arises once at Nuwara Eliya. The highest town of the island (1900 m) is in fact a mountain resort founded in the late nineteenth century by settlers from Her Majesty to escape the heat of the plains. The city benefits in effect, not of this tropical climate throughout the island, but a milder and clean  microclimate. Here beaches, temples and elephants, and room for tea plantations, the British architectural style and golf courses.

Horton Plains

A few kilometers from Nuwara Eliya, Horton Plains is a natural area in front of his name to a British colonist, Sir Horton, whose passion was to hunt elephants in the early nineteenth century. Today, these high plains are animated by a different function: protecting the environment and biodiversity . The area offers walks through a bush located just over 2000m and that lead to impressive headlands. In good weather you can see the Indian Ocean located about 80 km, and if you’re lucky, you might spot a leopard!

Horton Plains ,Sri Lanka

Culminating at 2243 m altitude, Adam’s Peak is a sacred place for many believers. Also called Sri Pada, meaning “sacred footprint” in Sinhalese, Adam’s peak would be the last place on earth where Buddha had lived. This sacred dimension is an important place of pilgrimage on the island. The best time to climb Adam’s Peak is to start climbing at night. 5500 steps swallowed, it peaked early, just in time to enjoy the sunrise. Another good time to do this climb is to do on days of the full moon (poya day); you feel so overwhelmed by the fervor of many pilgrims that you hang, it’s magic. At the summit, and in good weather, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the island.

Sinaharaja Reserve

Located in the mountainous and green area south-west of the island, the Reserve Sinharaja is a tropical forest or rainforest (in English) where it is pleasant to walk; but better bring a raincoat with you! Declared World Heritage by UNESCO, it is considered symbolically as the cradle of Sinhalese ethnicity. Besides this mythical aspect, it is famous for its biodiversity: there are several endemic plant or animal species. However, the fauna is difficult to observe through the imposing green mass.

Forest of Sinaharaja , Sri Lanka

Located south of the mountainous region, Uda Walawe is one of the main parks of the island. Centered around an artificial lake, the park is known for its large number of elephants; there are about 500. Apart from elephants, ornithology lovers can observe many species and varieties of birds.

Galle , Sri Lanka

Go to Galle is to jump a few centuries back in Sri Lankan history and its Portuguese colonial past, Dutch and English. Located southwest of the island, the old town of Galle is surrounded by ramparts, as a town fortified by Vauban. Inside the fort is composed of streets intersecting at right angles, houses of colonial styles with red tiles, baroque churches, … Nothing better than a stroll on the ramparts to see the fort.

Southern beaches

The south coast of the island is composed of a succession of beautiful beaches. This part of the Indian Ocean is sometimes available for swimming but we must always make sure, ocean currents there are very dangerous! There are also surf spots such as Arugam Bay and world renowned sites where turtles come to lay their eggs. Clear sand beaches are lined by rows of coconut trees behind which are some guesthouse. Paradise! Among the most heavenly, there those of Mirissa, Unawatuna, Tangale …


Uda Walawe with the Yala National Park is one of the main parks of the island. Located in the southeast of the island near Tissamaharama, Yala has a very diversified fauna. In a jeep, one can observe reptiles (crocodiles, lizards, snakes), elephants, deer, peacocks, birds of prey, thousands of birds, and if you are lucky there intersect perhaps a bear or a leopard.



How to Find the Best Cheap Hotels in London

How to Find the Best Cheap Hotels in London

There are so many hotels that visitors can be booked in when they visit London. The hotels provide different pleasant services that anyone would love to have. The problem however, is finding the best cheap hotels. There may be many cheap hotels, but they cannot all be the best. When looking for the best cheap hotel, it is important to know what the consumer considers best. Hotels offer similar services but what makes the difference is how they are offered. This creates the memorable moment for the customer and influences the customer’s decision. The main issue of concern is therefore; how can one identify the best hotel? It is only appropriate to show the characteristics of the best hotels giving one an idea of what to look for.

Location When looking for the best hotel, it is important to consider the specific region in London that you desire to stay in. From then you can look for information from travel guides about hotels in this specific region.

The Type of the Hotel Thereis several types of hotels. There are 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels. There luxury hotels. There are quality hotels, and there are hotels even classified as Backpacker and Budget Hotels. One can easily guess what Budget hotels stand for. This could be another way of searching for cheap hotels. Depending on one’s needs, you can find a variety of hotels.

The Services What the hotel offers plays a big role in a customer’s decision to go for it or not. For a hotel to be considered the best, it has to have the best services. The best services are such as; warm staff treatment, straightforward service, clean and orderly, good entertainment, and the best meal plans among others. You should have a list of services you prefer and compare these among hotels available to you. There are different ways through which one can easily identify the best hotels. You can use a comparison site or a Trip Advisor. You can compare the details of the hotels and write down your choices. From the Trip Advisor you can read reviews, and compare the information of various hotels, assuming you have the time. One can decide to narrow down the search by looking at some of the unique services offered or unique activities that the person desires. The best hotel can also be found by reading customer comments about previous experience in the hotel, and comparing customer ratings.

The PriceFrom the activity above you will have a number of hotels. You can then compare the hotel prices or use a cheap hotel comparison site. Another simple way of finding the best cheap hotel would be to go directly to a cheap hotel comparison site and select a number from the results. You can then look for what suits you well depending on the services, the rank, the type, and even the location. You may find two or more hotels that suit your requirements but a special consideration such as finding a place where an individual can book driving test can help you decide easily. All these factors are important when selecting the best hotel.

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Why visit Algeria ?

The Algeria, covered more than 80% by the Sahara desert, is still too little known in tourism. Although the Great Southern Algeria is not recommended, the North is to discover. Roman remains, the coastal cities, the view on the Atlas, and the first dunes of the Sahara satiate travelers in need of new and different landscapes. Let yourself be seduced by the renewal of Algeria whose hospitality of its people is  proven.

Activities in Algeria – What to visit in Algeria:

Alger: The capital of Algeria, on the Mediterranean coast, discovered through the streets of the Kasbah, classified by Unesco, or over its many colonial buildings. You will not miss the Basilica Ketchaoua Mosque, Our Lady of Africa one of the only Christian basilicas in Africa, the sublime Palace Rais, the palace Dar Aziza Bent el-Bey, or Great post. For an overview of the city, climb up to the balcony Saint Raphael in El Biar. Best to walk the streets and discover randomly Algiers monuments, stopping for a drink in a cafe. The premises are more friendly than in neighboring countries. 22km to the north, the town of Ain ​​Taya offers a beautiful view of the islands. South West Gorges Chiffa attracts the world for its apes in the river.

Roman remains: Algeria is the African country with the largest Roman remains and is also one of the world where they are the best preserved. Four are worth visiting: Tipaza the edge of the sea, west of Algiers, and a little further Cherchell. Inland, there are sites Djemila north-east of Setif, and finally the city of Timgad Thamugadi. South-west of Setif, the archaeological site of Beni Hammad Kalâa is not Roman but worth it, at 1000m altitude (classified Unesco).

Constantine: In the East, Constantine is nestled on the cliffs of the gorge Rummel. This cultural and historic city is home to a pretty female student population. Great Mosque Abdelkader is where stands the university course of Islamic Sciences. Constantine is nicknamed the city of suspension bridges including bridges Sidi M ‘Cid and Sidi Rached both impressive.

Oran: This radiant city and port is the second biggest. Oran is charming with its port, the Fort of Santa Cruz, and surrounding vineyards and made ​​the coast. Moreover, the Oran coast is very well equipped to accommodate tourists with many seaside resorts such as Madagh and Bouzedjar. You can also go to Mostaganem from which Charles de Gaulle spoke for the last time “Long live French Algeria.”

Tlemcen: This small town is located between the Moroccan border and Oran. The city is famous for being the capital of Arab-Andalusian music. Mosques and the old town is very pleasant to visit. A stay here allows you to see the surrounding villages such as Mansoura, Nédroma and mosque, and those at the edge of the water and Ghazaouet Honaine.

Zab region: the doors of the South, this area offers an oasis where you can enjoy Arabic medieval architecture. Ghardaia is the best known. Follow Melika, Beni Izguen, Bou Noura and El Ateuf.

The dunes of the Sahara: In western countries, very impressive from Beni Abbes Ergs among others. Those in the East are particularly visible from El Oued.

Tamanrasset and surroundings: First major intersection in southern Algeria, Tamanrasset to visit fairly quickly, and is especially point base for exploring the Tassili Ajjer and Assekrem. The massive Tassili is a rocky chain between the dunes, which resembles a landscape worthy of the planet Mars. You will also find cave paintings. We discover 4 × 4 in tekking, or camel. The Assekrem is a hermitage at 2180m altitude where Charles de Foucauld (famous monk) ended his life. The view from up there is beautiful weather is nice.

Not recommended Regions: The Deep South of Algeria, and particularly the regions of Tamanrasset and Djanet be avoided. The authorities indicate terrorist risks.

Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi during your Vietnam holiday

The charming  Hanoi city has many things to offer to travellers in its center since it is a city of flowers, giving a poetic and colorful town character. Arriving in Hanoi, travelers are impressed by the variety of flowers, each season is related to own beautiful flowers, the lotus at the moment.

Lotus flowers on West Lake in Hanoi

 The lotus is very popular in Vietnam, strongly connected with a common cultural tradition in many peoples of Asia . Initially, it is the sex of the woman, the matrix materials on the universe, the vital ECLAN and pleasure. According to the Brahmanical and Buddhist designs, its beauty and purity on the edge of the mud vile world are fleeting image of virtue. A Vietnamese proverb also says: “Growing in the mud, the lotus does not feel nauseous ordeur.

Hanoi is home to many areas planted of lotus flowers, especially at the edge of West Lake. Now it is the season when the lotus flowers. Pink flowers combines harmoniously with the soft green large leaves that cover the entire surface of the water. It seems the sweltering summer heat are softened a bit through the scent of lotus floating in the air.

Visiting Hanoi this season, tourists can easily find the marchands of flowers walking slowly beside their bikes full lotus flowers. These flower baskets evoke the arrival of the season lotus, despite of many modern changes in this city, the Hanoian always keep an elegant leisure: fun with flowers.

Since Longtime, the Hanoian people have the habit of tea lotus in the middle of pond covered with lotus flowers . During your trip to Hanoi, do not hesitate to take a cup of lotus tea,  from the West Lake. In fact, the flavor of lotus tea is considered like art which became the pride of Hanoian. The preparation of this tea is long and complicated, so it requires patience, delicacy and care

To prepare the tea lotus, it is essential to choose the most parfumed lotus flowers in the West Lake. We must pick the flowers before sunrise, when their fragrance is not yet released. Stamens is kept in a sealed container . After that, we’ll do the flavoring in the same morning. In a porcelain vase that is deposited in layers, alternating, tea and stamens. The tea is then dried before being returned to the vessel.

During the season of lotus, we can see many lotus fields that stretched out of sight on the West Lake. People come here to enjoy the lotus tea, which is pure, golden color and slightly fragrant, contemplating the lotus flowers. The scenery here is beautiful and poetic, especially in the evening moon. In such an atmosphere, it feels really nice, in particular, we can better feel the smoothness of the gastronomic culture of Hanoian. If you really want to discover this cutlural fact during your stay in this capital city, contact Minh Anh Travel to ask about the tour organisation

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Luxury And Bargains At Boutique Hotels

One of the newest concepts in hotels is boutique hotels. If you are like most people, you want to stay somewhere nice when you go on vacation, but do not want to pay full price for a luxury hotel. Boutique hotels are the answer. Many smaller buildings that once consisted of cheap rooms have been completely renovated into smaller, luxury hotels. They do not have the same full service as full hotels, but guests can stay in these hotels in comfort.

Boutique hotels are usually found in the heart of downtown districts of cities. They are ideal for those who want to stay in the downtown area but do not want to pay the full price of large hotels. Larger hotels have amenities like room service, bars and restaurants. They also offer conference rooms. Boutique hotels do not have these same services, but have first class rooms and are close to all of the conveniences that are in the area.

Because they do not have all the same amenities as full, luxury hotel, boutique hotels are less costly. If you are planning a trip to a city, you should consider staying in one of these hotels. You can find restaurants and bars in the area and do not have to pay for services that you may not even use. These include fitness rooms, conference rooms, room service and even restaurants in the hotel. A great many people who stay in hotels do not take advantage of these services at all. Yet they pay for them when it comes time for the bill.

Many boutique hotels do offer services such as taking your bags to your room and some also have business services as well. Most hotels today offer amenities such as cable TV and free WiFi in the rooms. If these are important to you, check out the hotels before you make your reservations. Most hotels have websites where people can see the rooms as well as the amenities that are offered by the hotel.

Before you plan your next trip, consider staying in boutique hotels. You can save money and not sacrifice comfort or luxury when you take this step. Most of them will have maps that will detail what is around the hotel, such as restaurants and other conveniences as well as points of interest.

You have more choices than ever when it comes to accommodations on your trips. One choice that you may want to consider when booking your next travel arrangements is boutique hotels.

Travelling to Turkey on a Budget

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries to travel in the whole world. The country has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. There are classy beaches located on the coast, amazing sites, great architectural designs, and beautiful hotels to stay in. Turkey offers a variety of destinations for those travelling on a fixed budget and one does not have to feel left out. There are important tips for those with extreme budgets. They include:

Transportation tips

The dolmus offers an inexpensive transportation system. This mode of transportation uses mini-buses or cars as a cross between taxis. It is important to note that the dolmus has a predefined route so you have to get on at designated locations but you can get off anywhere you want. The drivers also don’t take tips and the ride only costs 50 cents.

Money tips

For those intending to stay in Turkey for some days, it is important to convert your money a little at a time compared to having it all exchanged. This is because Turkey has fluctuating inflation rates. The other important money tip is to have your money exchanged at the post office inside the baggage claim. Also, make sure that you count your money before leaving the post office. When carrying cash it’s also crucial to ensure that none of the bills has any rips as they are refused. It is also important to carry cash instead of travellers’ cheques. The cheques attract a commission but cash is not charged. Buying your visa at the entry point also requires you to have cash as they do not accept credit card or traveller’s cheques.

Accommodation tips

Accommodation in Turkey can appear to be expensive for those on a tight budget but looking out for deals on accommodation is an important thing. There are sites, which offer amazing deals like booking.com and hostelworld.com. For those heading to the south-western coast, it’s great news as you can find rooms for as little as $12. The average room in other parts of Istanbul goes for around $40 and they include breakfast and sometimes lunch.

Clothing tips

Turkey offers a variety of clothes available in your country and the good thing is that they are inexpensive. For ladies, skirts are generally preferred to pants as you will find most locals in them. It is also a good idea to bring flat shoes as some places are uneven and rocky. For men who would like to visit the mosque it is advised not to wear shorts. If you come, wearing a short then a skirt is provided at the entry and you won’t be allowed to enter until you have it on.

Eating and drinking tips

For the first time travellers it is important to drink bottled water as the tap water may be contaminated. You can buy a liter of water at a convenient store for a dollar. When visiting the city of Marmaris, be sure to check out restaurants that are off the main road. You will save up on eating prices. Getting a Turk to accompany you will help you find affordable restaurants. It is important to get a Turkish Visa when travelling to Turkey as it’s a requirement for all visitors and tourists. One can also apply online for the visa.

Travel Tips For The Business Traveler



If you want to get travel tips, the best place to go is online. There you can not only get tips on how to save money when you travel, as well as which are the best destinations, but you can also read travel stories, see reviews of hotels and restaurants and find out which are the best tour operators.

There are many different reasons why people choose to travel. Some travel for business. Business travel takes up quite a bit of the travel industry. Naturally, business travelers have different needs for travel tips than those who are going on a pleasure vacation. Some of the travel tips for business travelers include where to stay that has the best accommodations for the busy executive, when is the best time to travel to get cheaper air flights and where the traveler can go for relaxation that is in the area.

One of the most important travel tips for business travelers is to discover as much about the hotel as possible. You should look for things that you will need that will enable you to do business. Such amenities such as business fax machines, internet service and conference rooms should not be overlooked when you are seeking out accommodations for business travel. You need to be sure that you can do business when you are staying at a hotel.

Another of the business travel tips that you should consider is the proximity to the hotel to where you have to be. You should take a look online at a map so that you can see where you will be meeting as compared to where you are staying. If you are not familiar with the area, you may want to stay close to the company or civic center where the business travel takes you.

Other business travel tips have to do with air travel. If you can fly mid week, you are better off when it comes to flight costs, as opposed to flying out on a Monday or Tuesday. You should take these travel tips into consideration if you are paying your own air flight so that you can save money.

What to bring and what you can bring to other countries is also one of the business travel tips that you need to know. If you are traveling to other countries on business, some items may be prohibited. Take a look online at which items you can and cannot bring when you take a trip. Business travel tips can help you save money, time as well as make your business trip more pleasurable.

North of Vietnam : Hanoi city, Halong bay , Lan ha bay

Hanoi, the city of horns!

Here is a short article to give you our first impressions of Hanoi. You are going to be quickly reassured on the sympathy of the Vietnamese. Despite the disastrous experience we had in the night bus and the bad reputation that people had talked about (especially in the north), the Vietnamese are very gracious, engaging, welcoming and friendly.

The food is also very good. Here, better go to eat outside on the sidewalk and the dishes are mainly composed of noodle soup with pork or beef. All soups are fragrant herbs of all kinds. For sure you are never disappointed by the food.

The city of Hanoi, meanwhile, is more difficult to endure everyday. You will get quickly a sense of Apocalypse while  visiting the city! There are scooters everywhere and countless! They go in all directions (usually against the direction) and all speeds. There also seems to be a rule that says that failure to use turn signal, brake, traffic lights, it is necessary to use the horn! All produced in the city a deafening roar and a sense of risking his life every corner.Finally, after having studied the way through local, you can say that it seems you should cross the street in one go, without stopping, looking from right to left and left to right continuously. Keep in mind that, even if the traffic states need to drive right, a vehicle may arrive at any time against nonsense. Note that if this happens, you will necessarily wrong. Yep, you’re white (this also applies if you are black, red, yellow). The important thing here is to be born, not Vietnam, but Hanoi!

Vietnam is a country marked by conflicts … Chinese, French, Japanese and Americans in turn attempted to conquer it. But these Vietnamese workers, stubborn, eating dogs and rice shapers have always managed to regain their independence and freedom.This is a nation like no other in Asia. They will say you’re fat in the belly friendly flattering you. Invited to dinner, they raise the lids of pots to see if your food is to their liking or if a Vietnamese cooking is required. They host the American Veterans and French ex-GI with kindness and genuine serenity.

This unique and fascinating people that you have both residents authors. In a light and humorous style, they will guide you through the maze of local customs.

– Do not be surprised if your office colleagues sleep at work. Almost all have two or three jobs … at the same time.
– Remember that a smile may mean happiness gene or sadness.
– Do not take offense when you are asked your age or weight.
– Learn to use your foreign (guest so) status to your advantage.

Halong Bay or Lan Ha bay

Halong Bay is one of the 7 natural wonders of the modern world, so it is almost essential step in any trip to Vietnam, although the influx of tourists makes it lose some of its charm …Most tourists arrive from Hanoi. To visit Halong Bay, take part in a tour of 1 to 3 days and usually includes the round trip from Hanoi, or the night (s) on a modern junk and meals (with drinks in – large – extra …) and visits. The boats are worth more or less all, just be careful not to let yourself be tempted by an offer that seems too good, it takes about $ 100 per person per night for something decent. Yes, it’s expensive. All tourists are the same circuit that includes the same activities: visit a cave – climb up a panorama – feed the monkeys (kayak if you take 2 nights). Finally, be aware that the tour 2 days (what we did) total duration less than 24 hours … If you want to escape it, only one solution: rent a privat boat and cruise in Lan Ha bay or to sympathize with a fisherman!

Vietnam trekking Travel to Ha Giang and meet Lolo people

Travel to Ha Giang and meet Lolo

If you like the stunning scenery of Ha Giang , and you want to exchange with local people go to meet Lolo in their hidden valley in a beautiful village.

Mainly living in deep valley mountainous districts of Dong Van , Meo Vac , Lolo are also present in the Far North of Ha Giang .

In the province of Ha Giang , Lolo live and rice but they grow through slash and burn farming and rice terraces . The breeding of cattle and poultry, well developed, provide for their daily needs.

Traveling to Ha Giang , you will have the opportunity to live in ethnic Lolo . They generally live in houses built in high and dry places, airy, overlooking the valleys , often near a dense forest.

In addition, appointments with Lolo helps you discover their traditional costumes. Fashion dress remains traditional, while men dress like the Hmong and Tay region . Lolo black women wear a black tunic that slips on the way sweaters and a black skirt, long, loose , pinched at the waist and knees. And to complete an indigo turban adorned with multicolored fringes and embroidered motifs , belt and leggings.

Lolo are monogamous and woman living with her ​​husband. Early marriage at the age of 13-14 years who were frequent are most popular or by parents or by the youth of today.

Did you know ?

Every year, the famous worship for soil to ask a good harvest occur. After plowing the fields, each family separately made ​​offerings to the Genius of Rice . Lolo mainly celebrate important rites in connection with agriculture.

In Lolo , culture has been a fairly significant development since the advent of writing: traditional music, a reflection of the material and spiritual life in ancient tales, or the exaltation of the tradition of work in Popular songs …

If you met Lolo , you may have noticed their beautiful dark eyes have. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, we can say that the soul Lolo is as pure as the air drills that house . Do not hesitate and go to meet Lolo with us in a trekking in Vietnam  to discover the most beautiful landscapes in the North and also the customs of this friendly people .

Any Time Of The Year Is The Perfect Time To Escape To Ski Condos

Whether you have invested in ski condos or are just visiting a friend, you will fall in love with it. Many vacationers share the costs with friends or family and take advantage of the extra bedrooms. Getting away from daily routines can renew relationships and let everyone relax together. Getting a new perspective on life often starts with just getting away from it all.

During the winter, you can look outside at a whole mountain of possibilities. After a fresh snowfall, fill the day with skiing at the nearby lodge. Evenings are great when spent with friends in front of a fireplace, watching the snow fall outside. In stormy weather, curl up with a book by the fireside and relax. Whatever plans you have, relaxing is at the top of the list.

After a spring vacation in the mountains, you will understand why writers through the centuries refer to it as a time of rebirth. As the snow melts, colorful flowers start poking through and brightening the landscape. New leaves pop out on trees seemingly overnight. A favorite for everyone visiting is the appearance of a tiny bear cub or fawn at the edge of the forest.

Summertime on the mountainside is warm and sunny, with a sky so clear that you might want to wear extra sun block. The pollutants found in cities are not in the mountains, and the air has a new clarity. Do not forget to go picking fruit in the area surrounding you. Mountains are typically filled with blueberries, raspberries, apples and pears.

Viewing fall foliage takes on a whole new meaning when it is done from the comfort of your condo. Instead of joining the crowds driving to the country for a few hours of viewing, you have a beautiful rainbow of colors just outside. Mornings will begin to be chilly, but mid-day you will still feel the heat of the sun. Leaves crunch under your feet as you hike up the mountain for a day of refreshing leaf-peeping.

Whether your condo belongs to a friend or is rented, it will be your home away from home, a place where you can truly relax. As you face the last traffic jam before your vacation, the excitement builds. Inviting friends and family to go with you to your hideaway makes the vacation extra special and it will be remembered for years to come.

Whatever the circumstances, we all need to be refreshed sometimes, and get away from everyday life. While living in or near a city might be necessary for your job, visiting ski condos is a welcome relief from the pressures you face every day.

The quiet at ski condos is the single, most striking difference that becomes evident after living in a city. Surrounded by friends, there is almost no traffic and no crowds of people. Do not forget to bring your camera to photograph the wildlife in the forests.

The real estate market is hotter than ever. People from all over the world are flocking to ski condos for sale to own a piece of the beautiful scenery and luxurious living accommodations. See what we have in store for you today.

Vacationing In Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is one of the most popular holiday spots in the world since it is situated near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This may not be a good spot for all visitors because it is very busy. People who are looking for a relaxing time in seclusion should search elsewhere since Hamilton island is a very busy place. Actually, this island is filled with tourists, and in that case, you will not discover much about Australian life on your visit. If this seems like an ideal place for you, you should check out some of the Hamilton Island Accommodation before you embark on your trip, because finding a place to stay may be challenging after you get there.

Hamilton Island is always growing its infrastructure, so getting around may be hard. Even though the area is not extremely big, you will still want to reserve Accomodation for Hamilton Island in a central spot, so you will not have to be concerned about it. Furthermore, because this is an island, the best place to stay is right on the water. Several visitors go on boat rides in the daytime because the island has a fully equipped marina, and this may be worth doing during your visit.

Presently, a championship grade golf course is all the rage on Hamilton Island, and is a great place to spend the day golfing. If you are a golfing enthusiast, you should certainly consider this course as it is one of the more difficult courses in the whole country. If you want to make this a golfing getaway, be sure that you reserve your Accommodation for Hamilton Island close to the golf course, so that you can arrive there easily and play every day.

As mentioned above, the island environment offers holiday goers a lot of amusement. One thing that visitors love to do is go on a whale-watching expedition, since it is simple to see some whales when out boating for the day. Tour guides are there to help you find the right places, since seeing a whale in its natural environment is a unique experience for tourists. If you are looking for some more variety on your next holiday, going on a whale watching expedition may be the perfect thing to add some excitement to your trip.

Remember that a Hamilton Island vacation is not for everyone, but it does provide a lot of enjoyment for countless people every year. The great thing about these trips is that you can do almost anything that you desire during your vacation, which will definitely make all of your vacation dreams come true. Knowing that your next vacation will turn out exactly as you please is one reason to visit Hamilton Island, unless, of course, you are looking for a little bit of peace and quiet.

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Benefits From SeaTac Airport Parking

The most common problem when one to has to travel out of the country or out of town is where to park his or her vehicle that he or she cannot bring during her trip. This is the reason that some spaces are made available with a corresponding pay for vehicle owners to park their car as long as they want. One of the ideal venues to park cars is SeaTac airport parking.

The prices vary since these will be determined daily based on the vacancy and on the location of the lot. Rates are calculated per day because the majority of the customers park their cars in the place at least a day.

Customers can benefit from the services available depending on the specific lot. For those who are connected with businesses who have invested in the space, some lots can provide them with discount tickets.

If one opts to make use of this, the maintenance personnel can provide different services including high level of security. To prevent thieves and carjackers to come close to the vehicles, security officers are made visible.

The maintenance personnel will check the condition of the vehicle after the duration of its stay in the lot. To bring the owners to where their vehicles can be found, services buses will pick them up usually ten minutes before their expected arrival.

You can definitely prevent yourself from inconvenience every time you have to travel because you can now park your car in a safe venue. You can be assured of maximum security by the workers.

To relieve worries of leaving parked vehicles, one should definitely consider SeaTac airport parking. However, if one does not wish to pay for the additional service, he or she can also make use of another option that is to leave the car in garage spaces. Read more about: seatac airport parking

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Mauritius Offers Luxurious Weddings

For those who are about to get married, being able to reserve a whole luxury resort set in one of the most idyllic islands on the planet for a four day extravaganza with all of your family and friends would be a dream come true. Well, that is just what David Mabilu did this weekend past. The South African billionaire was getting married to Phala Mokgophi and decided to really splash out. The billionaire and his 38 year old fiance held one of the most expensive South African weddings ever with the total expected to come in at near to 10 million Rand or 800,000.

Even though the happy couple were working with one of the top wedding planners among celebrities, details of the wedding were still kept top secret for six months. The entire wedding was paid for by the couple and this included airfares for all guests but guests were not told of the destination apart from that it was going to be held somewhere tropical. Guests had no idea that they would be staying in one of the most beautiful resorts in Mauritius and that it would be all expenses paid. This included flights, accommodation, entertainment, food and some guests even enjoyed playing golf at the Le Touessrok Golf Course which is world famous.

Although Mauritius honeymoon packages won’t be so extravagant for the vast number of travellers, the island still has so much to offer couples who want to enjoy a tropical beach wedding and subsequent honeymoon. Mauritius has numerous luxury resorts at the five-star level, catering to your every need and desire. Many of them include the most romantic accommodations with private suites built on platforms stretching out into peaceful, turquoise-blue lagoons.

There is so much on offer in Mauritius in terms of honeymoons. For those who want to take a romantic stroll with their new spouse, there are some many miles of brilliant white sands and there are also some really lush gardens too. Water sports are also really popular with those who want a bit of fun while enjoying their romantic holiday. The weather in Mauritius is fabulous all year round so you can visit here and be sure of great weather no matter what time of year you decide to come.

The good news about Mauritius is the fact that it is not only suitable for those getting married or for those getting away for a romantic honeymoon. Couples, families, retirees and corporate groups will all love a holiday in Mauritius because it has something to offer for everyone.

For athletes there is golf, surfing, and diving; for outdoor adventurers Mauritius is home to some spectacular mountains and gardens; for those who like culture and history there is plenty of that to go around as well. Mauritius has so much to offer that you really have to visit multiple times experience at all.

You don’t have to be a billionaire real estate developer to enjoy a luxury Mauritius wedding and honeymoon. Contact your holiday tour operator today; you’ll be surprised how affordable many of the luxury packages can be. Even if it is a little more than you were planning to spend, remember that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s well worth the expense for the Mauritius experience of a lifetime.

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Cebu Dive Center

Anyone who wants to join a dive center for a training course would have some expectations. The people organizing the dive center should place themselves as customers and think what would be the expectations. This would help them take right decisions at the right time and develop their business and attract more people with an improved service.


The most important is how a person is welcomed and the hospitality that is exhibited for the customers. So it is important that the staff should be patient and address the customers with a smile and show the caring for any issues that the customers may face. Customers may have many questions, which need to be addressed immediately. The promptness in addressing the queries of the customers would leave an impact in their mind and would leave them remember the services provided for a lifetime. That’s what make Cebu dive center wonderful and interesting.

The place where they have to stay should be most comfortable so that they can go back and talk about their experience. This would help in increase in the business as a mode of advertisement. The facilities that are provided at the dive center are also very important.

The standard of their equipment and facilities should be most comfortable. It is important that the dive equipment is well serviced before its usage. Its working condition should be excellent. Good equipment would give people a enjoyable, stress-free dive. Variety of rental equipment and plenty of sizes should be available that would leave the people with most comfort. There should be a place where you can shower & change after the dive, to wash equipment and store it safely, to store valuables while people are diving, a shop near by if the people have to buy some crucial equipments.

People should also have a place where they can buy an extra kid in an emergency and can take care of simple repairs for the equipments if any. There should be a facility of placing an under water camera, so that people would feel comfortable placing them and have fun and store them in their memories.