About Vietnam visa and Entry Requirements

About Vietnam visa and Entry Requirements

About Vietnam visa and Entry Requirements

Vietnam is one beautiful country blessed so much by nature. As such, you will definitely find a visit to this place very rewarding. Before you can enter the nation though, you need to obtain a visa. Take note that visas in Vietnam are generally valid only for one entry and those who overstay or return illegally will be fined or imprisoned. For those who want to really re-enter this nation several times, there are multiple entry visas for you, which would cost a bit higher. For more accurate information about visas, it is advisable to check with the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam located in 12-14 Victoria Road, London.

You can also get vietnam visa on arrival via a local travel agency as this one that offer the invitation letter to obtain visa up on arrival at only 9 USD . This option help to save a few bucks and seem very simple processus to follow. We ve checked in many travel forul about it and many positive reviews about this agency and this kind of visa

A Denmark Trip Infects with Wanderlust

Denmark Trip
 Denmark Trip

Denmark Trip

This week ATW features a guest blog post from Jonathan Agosta. The Atlanta-area native lived in the same host family house as I upon my arrival in Lima, Peru. Jonathan’s passionate about language, always wanting to speak the local language like a native. He makes friends easily. His maturity belies his young 20-something age. What’s more, he works his way through college, saving money along the way to afford his international travels. Truly this guy has impressed me. Here ATW shares a tale of his first solo trip abroad.

SAS flight SK944 departing from Newark began boarding at 8:05 p.m. Jonathan had just turned off his cell phone and put it away in his backpack while realizing that that conversation would be the last time he would hear his mother’s voice for a few months. The blond haired stewardesses were greeting each passenger with a smile as they made their way into the Boeing 747 aircraft. Everything was moving fast, Jonathan thought, and now the plane was already in the air and the crew was serving beverages.

“Would you like wine or beer?” asked the Scandinavian stewardess. There was a brief silence as 19-year old Jonathan stared her in the face. “I’ll take a beer, please,” he replied to the attractive woman. “Tuborg,” he tried pronouncing as she placed the green can on the tray table in front of him. Once the cabin had all been served the seat belt sign turned off and passengers began walking freely about the plane chatting amongst themselves with either a beer or baby in hand, treating the seven-hour flight as a sort of social party.

“You’ll be backpacking around Europe all by yourself?” the middle aged women seated next to Jonathan asked. “Yes, I worked a lot of hours to fund this trip,” he told her. The plane flew through the night and Jonathan’s excitement prevented any attempt to fall asleep. He knew that soon he would be under the sun in a big field at Roskilde http://roskilde-festival.dk/uk/, the annual Danish music festival where young folks from all over the continent congregate for days in a sort of community listening to their favorite musicians.

The plane landed and pulled into the gate at 10:16 a.m. After completing customs and retrieving his backpack, Jonathan walked aimlessly around Kastrup International trying to locate the entrance of the train station as he listened to a new, strange language reverberating throughout the airport. Danish sounds quite harsh at first, at least to any native English speaker, but little did he know how beautiful it would sound later.
Jonathan arrived at Roskilde in awe. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. Stages, tents, a plethora of recycling bins, windmills, a bicycle-powered ferris wheel, blond haired people, deliciously healthy cuisine, and live musical entertainment were all located in one enormous field in what some statistics show as one of the happiest nations in the world.  The festival raged on as headliners like Nine Inch Nails and Coldplay played the last few nights, but it then came to an abrupt and exhausting end on Sunday when everybody collected themselves and crawled to the train station where they began a dreaded journey home. Jonathan, however, wasn’t heading home because he had plans of his own in store.

He had just finished packing away his tent into the depths of his pack as Sarah and her unborn child’s father, Lukas, were approaching.

“Well, we appreciate all of your hard work for the past couple weeks, especially since you came here directly from the festival,” Lukas told him.

“If you need any more days to fill during your trip I am sure we’ll have some more work for you later,” concluded Sarah.

Jonathan told them both goodbye and then started what would be a long hike back to the nearest city, Aarhus, and then it would be an additional four hours to Germany by train. However, sometimes things don’t go the way they were originally planned. A cool breeze reminded him to put up his hood as he trotted down the country road back towards the highway. It was early in the morning and the summer sun was starting to shine as he noted how peaceful the Danish country side was and that he was glad he actually went through with the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) volunteer program for the previous two weeks.  After less than an hour of walking Jonathan was sitting in the passenger seat of a tow truck on his way to Aarhus. Jonathan knew that he wouldn’t get to Aarhus in a timely manner unless he hitched at least some of way. It wasn’t the first time he had accepted a ride from a stranger either, as he remembered how his friend Marc and he hitched in the back of some truck during a backpacking trip in North Georgia. Except this time it was a tow truck and the driver was just as if not friendlier than in Blue Ridge.

“I’m going to have to drop you off here,” the driver said as he pulled into an auto shop parking lot located on the outskirts of Aarhus. “I really appreciate the lift and I’ll enjoy walking the rest of the way, too,” Jonathan told him.
He walked through the town and even through the university campus where people were zipping along the sidewalks by either bike or skateboard between classes. It was a well-kept little town, charming, he thought. A long, but enjoyable tour of the city finally made him realize that he was not finding the train station. However, at that point he had already crept down Havengade and was standing in front of City Sleep Hostel which automatically seemed more decent that the European hostels he had been told about. He let himself in only to find that the reception was not open during the mid-afternoon, so he decided he would wait in the courtyard, where he unexpectedly bumped into seven girls from Copenhagen who were vacationing for the week. He soon was able to check into his dormitory where he became acquainted with his Belgian and French roommates. The three of them began the night with a short walk with drinks in hand cruising down some of the city’s main streets laughing at the kind of jokes that only guys think are funny.  Later, they returned to the hostel and quickly assembled a group in the courtyard with the Danish girls, a brother and sister from Colorado, and two road-trippers from Switzerland. One of the Danish girls, Louise, had her iPod speaker system that blared music as everyone tried to talk over each other. The next few nights consisted of the entire group prancing down what seemed like streets paved in gold getting to know the town, and cheerfully singing, “Jonathan, giv aldrig op! Glem de nederlag!” (Jonathan, never give up. Forget the defeat)

The last night together Jonathan and his friends spent one more time enjoying each other’s company in the hostel courtyard and around Aarhus. As much fun as everyone had had, the thought of separation seemed unbearable to them all. The following morning, however, Jonathan was riding in the backseat of a Honda CRV on his way to Germany with two Swiss friends up front. He was thinking about how much fun it had been the past few weeks coming all the way from the United States to Copenhagen, to Roskilde, to the farm, to Aarhus, and now to Germany with two months remaining in the European tour. He especially thought of Aarhus and how his experience and the people he met there made him feel overwhelmingly happy and alive.

Cruise Tips

Cruise Tips

At Budget Travel News we strive to bring you the best budget travel deals possible. Here are a few tips that will help you when you are taking a cruise.  So the excitement is just setting in after having booked your first cruise. The first thing you need to do is make sure your passport is recent passport. Don’t wait to get one if you don’t have one, now is the time to do it.

As soon as you receive your cruise documents book your shore excursions. This will not only secure those activities that you really want to experience, but it will also mean that upon your arrival your shore tickets will be waiting for you and when you board you will be able to skip standing in a long line at the shore excursion desk.

Don’t over pack when packing. Remember that cruise cabins are usually small. Pack clothes that you can wear mix and match.  Regarding formal nights be sure to read the cruise’s dress policy.  Head for the buffet or order in on the nights you prefer not to dress up.

Be sure to include toiletries, a change of clothes, sunscreen, sandals, medications, swimsuits, prescriptions, cameras, cruise documents, and airline tickets in your carryon bag.

At a minimum of two weeks prior to your departure refill all of your prescriptions and take with you an extra supply in case there is a delay in your return.  Ask your doctor about seasickness prevention.
Pack your medicines that are bought over the counter in your checked luggage and your prescription medications in your carryon bags. Pack all containers, which must be 3 oz. or less in a quart size zip lock bag. Plan accordingly since purchasing incidentals onboard can be very expensive.

Notify a person on shore of your whereabouts while you are gone. However, make sure they are aware that phone charges can run as much as to $12 per minute for both parties; you and the caller.  Be sure to include the ship phone number, room number, and the name of your ship in your emergency contact information. The cheapest form of communication is Email. There are onboard internet cafes on board and while you will have to pay for the service, it’s much less expensive than using the telephone. With regard to cell phone usage you will have to check with travel agent. Although this is another communication alternative, however, don’t forget that roaming charges add up quickly.

Prior to leaving on your cruise buy all of your photo supplies and equipment. Photo equipment are often much more expensive than when purchased bought in port or onboard. Carry your digital cards, batteries, and film packs in zip lock plastic bags in your carryon since the x ray machines and security will often damage them.

The first thing you see at your cruise terminal is a group of porters. These porters will check your larger bags for you and then deliver them to you in your cabin. The customary tip for the porters is usually about $2 per bag.

Be sure to have your paperwork ready ahead of time and be ready to show your credit card that you want to use for expenses while aboard the ship, as well as your passport and registration. Should you decide to pay in cash, there is a $250 minimum which is required for expenses while you are onboard.

The cruise line will do a credit card authorization for a predetermined amount of money during check in.  Most cruises usually authorize as much as $200 in charges daily. The cost of onboard shopping, spa treatments, casino action, special programs, and alcoholic beverages can add up quickly.  The amount of credit authorized will be held as a security deposit, although you will only be billed for what you actually spend.

If there was ever a time that you want to be sure you have plenty of cash on hand, this is it. Make sure you have some tip money available. Don’t count on credit cards or travelers’ because you may have a hard time finding an ATM in port and there are some places that do not accept travelers’ checks.

Except for wine most cruise ships forbid guests from bringing their own liquor aboard. Read your cruise info before leaving home with the wine. Also, you will be charged a corkage fee, which can be as much as $25 if you want your wine served to you in one of the dining rooms.

Wags for Wishes

Wags for Wishes
Wags for Wishes

Wags for Wishes

Make-a-Wish Foundation of San Diego will host the 6th Annual Wags for Wishes, to be held at Otay Ranch Town Center and Otay Ranch High School all this weekend (Friday through Sunday). Wags for Wishes is one of the largest comprehensive dog shows on the West Coast, with over 1,500 dogs expected to compete!

This is not your typical dog show though. It’s more like combining them all in one. There’s Agility Trials, Obedience, Splash Dogs, Field Lure Coursing, Canine Good Citizen, and All-Breed Sprint Racing, all held at Otay Ranch Town Center.

Meanwhile, Otay Ranch High School will serve as the site for Flyball, and Disc Dogs (fetching Frisbees).

One of the most unique things about this dog show is that all well-behaved dogs are welcome to participate, so register for your favorite events and bring your pooch along to have some fun.

A “Mutt Strut” Fashion Show and a “Dogs’ Got Talent” Competition will also be held at Otay Ranch Town Center, along with an all-day Vendor Village with about 30 different vendors.

Make-a-Wish Foundation grants wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.

All proceeds from Wags for Wishes will be used to make wishes come true for some very special children.

Trekking at Hollyford Track

Trekking at Hollyford Track

Hollyford Track is a spectacular tramping/hiking track located in northern Fiordland in the South Island of New Zealand. The trekking track is largely flat in nature and is accessible almost round the year. The track follows the course of Hollyford River, which in turn, runs along the course of the Hollyford Valley, a classic glacial valley formed about 20,000 years ago. Recognising the potential of Hollywood Track, Ngâi Tahu Tourism purchased it and have invested heavily behind it to ensure best of facilities.

Hollyford Valley:

Features lowland forests, lakes, estuaries and the coastal areas that are home to birds and animals. The forest is mainly Silver Beech and have a rich understory of Coprosmas, Wineberry, Fuchsia and Pepperwood.

Tomtit, Robin, Brown Creeper, Bellbird, Grey Warbler, Fantail, forest parrot, called the Kâkâ are often spotted in the valley.

History of Hollyford Track:

The Maoiri people were the first to settle in the area around Martins Bay. In 1863, the first European to have reached the area was Patrick Caples. The same year, Captain Alabaster also crossed Martins Bay to reach Lake McKerrow. Theearly years saw much enthusiasm around a commercial port at Martins Bay. Efforts were on to set up a settlement but lack of communication soon killed the initiative. Later, it was Davy Gunn who took pain to begin the tramping tourism industry here. After Davy’s death, Murray, his son, continued with the guided tramping tours. In 1960, the valley was included in Fiordland National Park with Davy Gunn’s original tracks being upgraded.

Hollyford Track:

The track, whichn runs in south-north direction, is 56 kilometres long. The southern end of the track is 15 kilometres due east of Homer Tunnel while its northern terminal is located at the Tasman Sea coast at Martins Bay, north of Milford Sound.

The track features two lakes, namely, Lake Alabaster and Lake McKerrow. The track runs through lowland forest of the valley. Wildlife including seals, penguins, and herons can be spotted while trekking at Hollywood track.

Trekking at Hollyford Track:

The surrounding view of the track changes frequently, ranging from dense forests, rivers, cascading waterfalls, reefs, and dunes to glaciers and mountains. Being downhill, the trek is perfect for all. The high peaks, namely, Mt. Tutoko and Mt. Madeline can also be seen during the trek. Other activities beside trekking here include jet boat rides down the river and small airplane rides. In all, trekking at the fabulous Hollyford Track familiarizes one with the wilderness of New Zealand. Trekking here has no goal. It is just the experience that matters.

Peter Archibald and his Hollyford Track company operate New Zealand Department of Conservation’s official trekking concession in the Hollyford. They provide guides, lodges (Pyke River and Martins Bay Lodges), boats, backpacks, home cooking and also flight out facilities after the conclusion of trekking.

Walking season at Hollyford Track:

Lasts from October through June. Advance booking is very much important. Penguins are visible at Long Reef until New Year while seal cubs can be seen during January. February and March see summer flowers blooming while autumn weather is suitable for hiking.

Walk programmes:
  • Guided Walk (2 nights): Starts in Te Anau (or Queenstown)
  • Freedom Plus package starts in Te Anau.

What is Eco Travel?

What is Eco Travel

What is Eco Travel

When most people think about annual vacations, they conjure up images of glitzy resorts and tourist destinations like Disney World and Paris. These places are worthwhile in their own right, but they certainly wouldn’t be considered eco travel. So what exactly is eco travel?

Conservation International http://www.ecotour.org/ has perhaps the best definition:

Responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.

The idea of responsibility seeps into every aspect of eco travel. There are several other ways that eco travel differs from traditional tourism:

Place. Rather than selecting a congested world metropolis like New York City to sightsee, shop and dine out, an eco traveler might instead head to the Kakum village in Ghana to immerse completely in the customs and local cuisine. The money a tourist would naturally spend on food, lodging, transportation and souvenirs benefits the local economy rather than a faceless, unconnected group of companies.

Purpose. In traditional tourism, the purpose of your visit is largely personal. Perhaps you want to see a specific artist’s work in a museum, or want your children to see the city you grew up in. With eco travel, your purpose is still personal, but there’s an added element: giving back to the local environment. Eco travel might include volunteering to help build or repair a village’s structures, teaching English to native children or helping to maintain indigenous plant life.

People. Traditional tourism can have a crippling effect on the way a small town or village operates. Eco travel seeks to preserve a community’s status quo as much as possible. Natural attractions rather than manmade ones celebrate a destination’s unique identity.

Eco travel is quite different from conventional tourism. With eco tourism, you’re inserted directly into a community as an active participant rather than a passive observer. You’ll experience the wildlife, local customs and cuisine through the eyes of natives and experienced tour guides. In doing so, you’ll inevitably have a completely one-of-a-kind experience–something that’s nearly impossible with traditional travel.

Flying with Baby: 6 Tips to Success

Flying with Baby: 6 Tips to Success
Flying with Baby: 6 Tips to Success

Flying with Baby: 6 Tips to Success

If there is one thing that a traveling mother can attest too, it’s that flying with an infant is no piece of cake. Of course, the task can get easier as they get older, but it can also get a little more difficult. When your infant is a few weeks old, they eat and sleep, so flying isn’t very hard. Once they hit the glorious age of six months, they want to get down and explore, a real no-no when you are thousands of miles in the air. The one thing that is essential to flying with an infant is tracking your flight, so that you don’t arrive  at the airport too early, or too late. There are however, a few other tips that you can follow to make flying with a baby easier, if not a breeze.

  1. Pack light- I know that this concept seems alien to a mother who is traveling with a baby. You have to have diapers, toys, food, snacks, burp cloths, blankets, PJs, and clothes. However, you need to keep it as light as possible. One way to do this is by taking some diapers with you, then buying the rest when you get to your destination. If you are like most families, you will bring things home from your trip, so leave extra room in your suitcase.
  2. Only bring one carry-on- While you are entitled to one carryon and one extra bag or a purse, you don’t want to carry on anything but the baby’s diaper bag. You don’t want to have to take something out of your carryon bag and end up leaving it on the plane. It’s best to just carry the diaper bag and be on the safe side.
  3. Wear the baby- It is much easier just to wear your baby when you are boarding, and on the plane. Strollers can get cumbersome and just make the whole process more difficult. It is possible that you will have to take the baby out of the wrap to clear security, but it isn’t that hard to put her back again, and much less cumbersome than a stroller. See more here http://urtv.org/
  4. Look for signs that help- In many airports there are two lines, one for people with children and one for people without children. These are designed to help couples with children avoid the long lines of the security checks.
  5. Dress easy for you and the baby- It’s best not to put booties on your baby, as you will have to take them off during the security check. You should also avoid wearing a belt, as this just adds to the complications of the security check. In other words, dress you and the baby as simply as possible.
  6. Nurse, feed, or let your baby suck on something during takeoffs and landings- If the baby is asleep, then let him sleep. You know how you suck on something or chew gum during these times; your baby will probably want to do the same. If he is sleeping,the pressure changesprobably won’t affect him, however, if he isn’t, you will want to nurse him at least.

Flying with an infant doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people make it. These are a few concrete tips that will help you have a successful experience with your infant. Plan ahead and keep it simple are the rules of the day. Let me know if you can think of any other tips to pass along to struggling moms and dads.

Wil enjoys traveling very much. He conducted his first trip when he was 15. As for his job he is a contributing writier at Essayminions.

Beyond Skiing: Extreme Winter Sports for Vacation Excitement

Young man telemark-skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC, Canada. (model release #08113)

When thinking of going on a skiing trip, you don’t always think about the other activities like snowboarding or heli-skiing that you could also enjoy during your visit. Over the past few years, skiing resorts have developed well beyond the traditional range of offerings and branched out into new and popular variations of winter sports.

The Different Activities Available

If you do fancy trying something new, it is worth looking out for the following activities next time you are booking your resort:


Heli-Skiing is basically off-trail, downhill skiing, which is reached using a helicopter. It is often known as extreme skiing and skiers who choose to take up this activity have the advantage of being able to get to off piste terrain. However, there are some factors which need to be taken into account before you decide whether or not Heli-skiing is for you.

You need to be in great health in order to take part in this sport as you need to be able to tolerate high altitudes. If you do have any health concerns it is always best to talk them over with your doctor and see whether they think you can handle the altitude.

It is also worth checking whether you need to take any avalanche tools with you in case you get caught in one. Avalanches are more common during the warmer months so bear that in mind. It isn’t always possible to avoid danger, but you can prepare yourself by knowing the safety precautions and how to handle an avalanche.

Overall, this isn’t a sport for beginners. You really should be able to trust in your ability to ski and you need to know that you can handle various types of terrain. If you are interested in taking up heli-skiing or inquiring about it, resorts such as the Whistler Blackcomb in Canada or the Sun Valley resort in North America are good places to start.

Tri- Slider Snow Sled

A Tri-Slider Snow Sled is a high performance, three runner sled which was developed in Colorado. To ride the sled the driver kneels and steers with attached handles that also provide stability. It does take a little getting used to but generally the learning curve for this sport is short. Most beginners tend to have more confidence than if they were learning to ski. The sled is easy to carry up and down the mountain and has a hanger that allows it to be attached to the lift gondola.

Snowblades or SkiBoards

Snowblades are basically short bladed skis and are also know as skiboards. As they use traditional bindings, it is possible for you to use your own boots to ski with them. This activity can sometimes be a lot easier to learn than skiing which makes it ideal for beginners. Both variations of blades or boards allow for easy turns.

HCMC: Overview & Getting There

Rex Hotel in Hochiminh city
Rex Hotel in Hochiminh city

Rex Hotel in Hochiminh city

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is the largest city in Vietnam, the economic capital and the cultural trendsetter. Yet within the teeming metropolis are the timeless traditions and beauty of an ancient culture. Located near the delta of the Mekong River. Under the name Prey Nokor, it was the main port of Cambodia, before being conquered by the Vietnamese in the 16th century. It was the capital of the French colony of Cochinchina, and later of the former state of South Vietnam from 1954 to 1975.

Ho Chi Minh City is still fondly referred to as Saigon by the locals. The city has two distinct seasons: the Rainy season which usually begins in May and ends in late November. The Dry season lasts from December to April.

Getting There:

We took one of the holiday packages of Philippine Airlines. Inclusions are roundtrip airfare, airport-hotel-airport transfers, hotel accommodation and daily buffet breakfast. We decided not to get the optional tours from PAL because we found a travel agency in Saigon with cheap tour packages.

First Day:

We arrived Saigon around 9:00 am (10:00 am Philippine time), a 2-hour and 45-minute flight away from Manila. A guide met us at the airport with our names on a sign. I was surprised because it was just the two of us, no other tourists.

The first thing that took my attention on a busy HCMC streets are local traffic, the endless honking sounds from various vehicles and a horde of scooters and motorbikes called an “OM”. If Beijing is known for “City of Bicycles,” in HCMC may be called the “City of Motorbikes”.

I’m also surprised to see most of the ladies wearing masks, long gloves, long sleeved shirts and hats while riding their scooters. I believe that’s to cover and protect their skin from the sun.

The Top Sites To See In Phuket

The Top Sites To See In Phuket

There are so many things to do and see in Phuket, it is hard to narrow them all down to fit into your vacation itinerary.  Here we will discuss some of the top sites and attractions that you should make sure to check out while in Phuket. We won’t mention all the beaches here, as I am sure you will find those during your time of relaxation.

  • Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples – Wat Chalong is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Phuket. It’s a magnificent site to see and is rich in history and culture.  So make sure to add a tour of the Temples to your list of things to do.
  • The Top Sites To See In Phuket
  • Phuket Waterfalls – There are 2 primary waterfalls in Phuket, located in the Khao Praew Thaew National Park. Try to make it to this park in monsoon season (May – October) to enjoy the best scenery of the falls. Plan a picnic for the day and take a dip while there to make the most of it.
  • Chalong Big Buddha – This statue is visible to nearly the entire southern parts of Phuket.  This magnificent structure stands on top of Nakkerd Hills, looking down over Rawai, Kata and Chalong see more here http://futurfacteur4.com/ It is well worth the drive to see this Big Buddha up close and personal.
  • Old Phuket Town – Finally on this list of attractions, we recommend you pack your camera and head to Old Phuket Town.  There are nice little shops and restaurants here that boast Chinese and Colonial architecture and culture.  It is really a site to see, so don’t miss it.

So there you have a nice small list of sites to see in Phuket that is enjoyable for all ages and lifestyles.  These site cover the complete overview of the history and culture of Phuket and will help enhance your vision of the entire vacation experience.

Best Places to Visit in Munich


Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is the capital of the State of Bavaria and is one of the Best Places to Visit in Germany.  The city is renowned worldwide for its famous annual beer festival named the Oktoberfest.  The Isar River cuts though the city and contains most of the attractions on its left bank.  Modern Munich is a financial and publishing hub. There are so many tourist attractions in the city, here are few of them.



The Royal Castles Neuschwanstein

The Royal Castles is one of the Best Places to Visit in Munich and is one of the best tourist attractions in Munich. More than 1.3 million people visit the Royal Castle every year. Visitors can enjoy spectacular view from the Castle.

The English Garden

The English Garden is the largest park in Munich and is one of the Best Places to Visit in Munich.  The English Garden stretches all the way from Munich’s city center to the north-eastern city limits. It is a beautiful place to explore, here you can rent a paddle boat or explore one of the four beer gardens in the English Garden.

Olympic Stadium of Munich

Olympic Stadium was built as the main venue for the 1972 Summer Olympics and is one of the Best Places to Visit in Munich. The stadium also hosted many major football matches including the 1974 World Cup Final. The Stadium was designed by the German architect Gunther Behnisch and the engineer Frei Otto.

Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum is the world’s largest museum of technology and science and is the Best Place to Visit in Munich. Here you can explore the rocket planes, a planetarium, ships, satellites and a underground mine.


Odeonsplatz is a large square in central Munich which was named after the former concert hall Odeon.

Nymphenburg Palace

The Palace was the main summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria. The Palace with its park, is now one of the most famous sights of Munich. Visitors can view the rooms in Palace that are decorated in their original Baroque Style.

Munich Residenz

The Munich Residenz is the former royal palace of the Bavarian Monarchs in the center of the city of Munich. The Residenz is the largest city palace and is open to visitors for its architecture and room decorations, and displays from the former royal collection

Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi during your Vietnam holiday

Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi

The charming Hanoi city has many things to offer to travellers in its center since it is a city of flowers, giving a poetic and colorful town character. Arriving in Hanoi, travelers are impressed by the variety of flowers, each season is related to own beautiful flowers, the lotus at the moment.

Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi

Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi

The lotus is very popular in Vietnam, strongly connected with a common cultural tradition in many peoples of Asia . Initially, it is the sex of the woman, the matrix materials on the universe, the vital ECLAN and pleasure. According to the Brahmanical and Buddhist designs, its beauty and purity on the edge of the mud vile world are fleeting image of virtue. A Vietnamese proverb also says: “Growing in the mud, the lotus does not feel nauseous ordeur.

Hanoi is home to many areas planted of lotus flowers, especially at the edge of West Lake. Now it is the season when the lotus flowers. Pink flowers combines harmoniously with the soft green large leaves that cover the entire surface of the water. It seems the sweltering summer heat are softened a bit through the scent of lotus floating in the air.

Visiting Hanoi this season, tourists can easily find the marchands of flowers walking slowly beside their bikes full lotus flowers. These flower baskets evoke the arrival of the season lotus, despite of many modern changes in this city, the Hanoian always keep an elegant leisure: fun with flowers.

Since Longtime, the Hanoian people have the habit of tea lotus in the middle of pond covered with lotus flowers . During your trip to Hanoi, do not hesitate to take a cup of lotus tea, from the West Lake. In fact, the flavor of lotus tea is considered like art which became the pride of Hanoian. The preparation of this tea is long and complicated, so it requires patience, delicacy and care

To prepare the tea lotus, it is essential to choose the most parfumed lotus flowers in the West Lake. We must pick the flowers before sunrise, when their fragrance is not yet released. Stamens is kept in a sealed container . After that, we’ll do the flavoring in the same morning. In a porcelain vase that is deposited in layers, alternating, tea and stamens. The tea is then dried before being returned to the vessel.

During the season of lotus, we can see many lotus fields that stretched out of sight on the West Lake. People come here to enjoy the lotus tea, which is pure, golden color and slightly fragrant, contemplating the lotus flowers. The scenery here is beautiful and poetic, especially in the evening moon. In such an atmosphere, it feels really nice, in particular, we can better feel the smoothness of the gastronomic culture of Hanoian. If you really want to discover this cutlural fact during your stay in this capital city, contact Minh Anh Travel to ask about the tour organisation

Before you leave for Vietnam, please check to make sure that you ve got you vietnam visa as Vietnam require tourists to have a valide visa to visit the country

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What is a Niche Marketing Strategy?

Niche marketing is the effort to connect to and sell products or services to a smaller, particular set of consumers. Some examples to help define your niche market exist, they can encompass age, gender, sexual orientation, hobby, interests, profession, religion, etc.  While the marketer remains open to consumers of all kinds, the focus of the marketing efforts only identify a particular niche market.  The idea here is to meet the needs common to the particular set of customers you have in mind.

What is a Niche Marketing Strategy for the internet entrepreneur?

This is the same, only you use the internet as a tool to accomplish this task.  The principles remain the same, just the application is different.

Some ways to discover products that are applicable to your market abound on the Internet.  Go visit Amazon, ClickBank, Best Buy, Commission Junction, Target, etc., and find out what the most popular items are for your particular keywords.  I know that sounds simple and straightforward, but it works.  You may have to spend some time honing down, or manipulating your search, but you should come up with something.

Study Your Internet Niche Market

Many avenues are available to help you find and gain information about your potential market.  Visit various forums specific to your market, or visit facebook, squidoo, twitter, etc. and determine the problems or issues that are related to the goods and/or services you decided to offer.  The goal is to find out the issues and needs that are applicable and/or problematic to this group of consumers.

Niche Market Strategy

Once this information is understood, the business uses the collected data to further formulate and develop its niche marketing strategy.  Select additional products or services that cater to the market.  Make sure that your answers are aimed specifically at the niche group of consumers.  Then, continue to educate them on why your product or service offerings will meet their wants and needs more effectively than any other.

Success in Niche marketing will entail the instilling of trust and the building of long-term relationships. An above board Niche Marketing Strategy often results in dedicated, long term repeat buyers.  Most, but not all internet marketing campaigns currently seek to bring in immediate profit from immediate offers that cater to consumers who are easily persuaded or duped.

So, what is a Niche Marketing Strategy?  It is when certain Niche Products or Services are targeted to a defined subset of a larger market.

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Top 5 Travel Destinations Asia

Asia is one massive continent that is a top tourist’s destination with so many places to visit and so much to see. Only five destinations cannot adequately act as a representative of the diverse tourists attraction destinations found in this continent .Talk of the world’s tallest mountain, beautiful beaches and national parks that is full of wildlife, all this and other exciting sites are in Asia. Here are 5 destinations in Asia which are just a tip of the ice berg as they are so many top travel destinations in this large continent.

  • Agra, India: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is India’s top tourist destination which is considered as one of the seven world wonders. Taj Mahal is a mausoleum that has been builtmagnificently. The architectural design that has been put in place here is quite spectacular making it an outstanding building in India. The mausoleum was built many years ago by emperor shah Jahan in honor of his wife. Outside it is beautiful scenery of a pool surrounded by trees and a garden that complements its beauty.

  • Bahrain

Bahrain is a cosmopolitan city in the Arabian island Asia that is a dynamic business center and a top tourist destination full of attractions and quality hotels. Some of the top tourist attraction features in this beautiful country are; Al Faith Mosque, diverse culture and tradition, spectacular man-made island among others. Bahrain boasts of some fascinating sightseeing places and fun events which include the famous formula one race. Other events that attract people in Bahrain include football and shopping among others. Here are a few exciting places and things you can engage in while on a luxurious vacation in Bahrain.

  • Bali, Indonesia: Beaches Galore

Bali is an island in Indonesia Asia that is a top tourist destination. This island boasts of being a home of a chain of mountains which cut across the island. Also available in this island are the amazing beautiful sandy beaches where one can sun bathe and have fun swimming. The hotels here are also quite luxurious and affordable. There are so many fun filled activities that you can engage in here such as hiking, mountain climbing and much more.

  • Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another top travel destination in Asia that is exciting, entertaining and adventurous to visit as it boasts of numerousbeaches, diverse range of cultures, numerous exotic locations and wildlife and lot more host of geographic features where one can tour with family and friends during a vacation. Talk of good food, wonderful people, culture, festivals etc. All these and other exciting places are in abundance in Sri Lanka Asia.

  • Beijing, China: History on a Massive Scale

The city of Beijing china is another travel destination that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. The city boasts of having lots of amazing buildings that have been magnificently built with good architectural designs. Also here are is the ancient Forbidden City and the heaven temple which have turned out to be the most visited site in the city of Beijing. Visit these amazing countries in Asia with friends and family during your vacations.

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Donate a car to charity and benefit tax deductions

Cars are a necessity in today’s life. You need them for every small and large requirements such as travelling to the far away places, going to the groceries, visiting your doctor, meeting your friends, etc. However, once your car gets old and you buy yourself a new car, the first solution most people usually opt for their old car is to sell it away at lower rates. Think twice and imagine if you could use your old car in a better way that would not only help your society but also fetch you great benefits. The answer to this is to donate a car to the best charities in your city for helping people make their life beautiful and easy. Apart from earning love, gratitude and respect in the society, you also enjoy benefits such as tax deductions on your car.

Donating your car to a charity or a trust which promises to help the underprivileged or the needy is a great way to help your society. It also helps you create a noble standard in the society, allowing others to follow your steps and hence enhancing the lifestyle and success of your town. However, this kind act also helps you earn the benefits of your car tax deductions.

Tax deductible car donation is an excellent method followed by several people today to help others live an easy life while also saving money for oneself through the yearly tax liabilities. When you donate your car, you save money as a tax payer. This allows many people in the country to pay less tax than the others while also providing financial help to the charitable institutes for the welfare of the unfortunate people in your society.

Based on the IRS, nearly two and a half billion dollars donation was made in the year 2000 due to the tax deductible car donation services. A large number of charitable trusts in the States ask for such contributions towards the society which indirectly helps people meet with their day-to-day needs. Several of these charity organizations are directly linked to several research institutes that follow life saving researches on cancer and other fatal diseases. These charity organizations further help the blind schools, orphanages, lung and kidney foundations, etc. which play a great role in enhancing the beauty and life of your city. However, things are not always as simple as they sound. Donating your car to any charitable institute is not the best solution for you and the welfare of the society. You need to ensure that you donate a car to the best charitable organization that promises you to take good care of your car and use it carefully for helping the needy.

Make sure you perform a short research about the organization to which you donate a car. Moreover, you should also take care that the tax deductible car donation is provided to the organization rightly for the best results. Also remember to check the financial statement of your charitable organization. Select only the best and most trustworthy charitable trusts for donating your car. Also research on how the trust uses it charity for the welfare of the society. Moreover, the charity organizations offer free car pick up services for gaining the advantage of the tax deductible car donation. A large number of charities put up your old cars for auctions and make use of the money they earn from your car.

Authentic Garcinia Cambogia Review

When you believe that your weight decrease accomplishment is determined by a specific weight-loss product or match, you should try to have the most dependable and most helpful product normally, you may lose perception in-your capacity to lose weight.

Authentic Garcinia Cambogia is a weight loss supplement that is quickly developing its position as the many effective weight loss supplements available on the industry. The world wide web is currently the world’s leading marketplace and you can in fact purchase anything you need to sit in the home, but you need to be aware of the feasible problems of purchasing the product online. You must understand exactly where to buy this product that is authentic and might help within your fat loss efforts.

So How Exactly Does That Authentic  Garcinia Cambogia Complement Function?

  • Appetite control will be supported by the supplement. Which means that customers may sense less starving than typical. The outcome is the fact that people may consume smaller parts.
  • Fat production will be inhibited by the supplement, If your individual does over-eat. Because of this, people may placed on less weight than when they weren’t getting the complement.
  • It’s advantageous to the entire wellness, as bnitely an anti-oxidant. Healthier individuals often have greater part get a handle on and consume less rubbish meals.
  • Reports show the complement decreases bloodstream cholesterol.
  • Subcutaneous fat storage can be also reduced by this extract.

Does Authentic  Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Many people who’ve attempted this complement have experienced excellent results. Actually, if customers study a Authentic Garcinia Cambogia evaluation they’ll discover the supplement might help them shed 2 to 3 times more fat than if they didn’t utilize any supplement.

It’s very important to keep in mind that customers don’t need certainty to alter their diet and workout routines to lose excess weight with this specific compliment. That said, those people who are on the low-calorie diet may have the very best outcomes. Preferably, people may consume healthier foods and workout on the normal schedule.

Where You Can Purchase Authentic  Garcinia Cambogia?

You can buy this complement on the internet, straight from its developer at an inexpensive cost. It’s generally safe and easier to buy straight from-the manufacturer’s proven site whilst the merchandise will be legitimate and you’ll most-likely be presented a cash back promise. Authentic Garcinia Cambogia will be tablet form. You may need undoubtedly to choose the most readily useful merchandise vigilantly, to acquire its rewards, even though match is extremely protected.

As a total, now that you know where to purchase Authentic Garcinia Cambogia, you should also know that this supplement is all natural and protected. It could be used by anybody who desires to lose weight fast. Individuals who have applied this product claim that they dropped fat productively, without producing any alterations inside their living.

How to Lose Weight Fast for Kids: Make your Kids Healthier, Safely

If you have been having a hard time in instilling healthy food and dietary habits among your kinds, then you should look for tips on how to lose weight fast for kids. It is imperative that you only stick to healthy ways to help your kids slim down, and that you steer clear of fad diets that are all the rage among adults. Here are some of the most effective tips on how to lose weight fast for kids at home, all of which will help you and your whole family adopt a healthier lifestyle in your own abode. With the following guidelines, you and your family will be living healthier lifestyles and will be shedding off the pounds in no time.

How to Lose Weight Fast for Kids Tip No. 1: Fill the Fridge with Natural Food Choices

While there may be very little that you can do to control the different foods that you kids eat while they are at school or at their friends’ homes, you have full reign about the different food options that will make available at home. Having said this, see to it that you only fill your fridge with natural food choices that will help your kids feel full without ingesting too much calories. There are a lot of resources that you may use to find tips on how to lose weight fast for kids for free, all of which will tell you that proper nutrition is the key. Buy a lot of fruits and vegetables when you go grocery shopping, and have them available for your family all the time.

Even more importantly, make sure that you use all these natural food choices in preparing the dishes that you will serve to your loved ones. By sticking to natural and healthy recipes, you should be well on your way to helping your kids lose weight. Browse the net for different recipes that you may use as means of how to lose weight fast for kids, and you will be on your way to preparing the best meals for your family.

How to Lose Weight Fast for Kids Tip No. 2: Add a Healthy Twist to their Favorites

Serving your kids their favorite dishes and food can be the best thing that you can do in order to get them to adopt healthier dietary habits. Just see to it that you add your own healthy twist to their favourites, so as to ensure that they will be ingesting the best food choices. On your search for tips on how to lose weight fast for kids in 1 week, you have to look for tips that you may use in order to make everyday dishes healthier as well. Instead of using full cream for your macaroni and cheese, for example, try using low fat cream. These little substitutions will have great effects on the long run.

There are a lot of tips on how to lose weight fast for kids that you may use in order to create healthier meals for the family. Even better, you will not even have to drive yourself out of your wits in the process. Simply substitute high calorie ingredients with healthier choices, and you will be well on your journey finding ways on how to lose weight fast for kids.

How to Lose weight Fast for Kids Tip No. 3: Get the Whole Family to Join in

It will be pretty hard for your kids to eat healthy if the rest of the family is still stuffing their stomachs with fatty, high calorie foods. With this said, it will be a great idea for you to have the whole family start eating healthy, if you were to try out different tips on how to lose weight fast for kids. If you will start putting your kids on a healthier diet, then you and your partner will have to start eating healthier as well. This way, it will be so much easier for you babies to stick to the different tricks on how to lose weight fast for kids, since you will be tackling the journey along with them.

How to Lose Weight Fast For Kids Tip No. 4: Exercise with the Whole Family

To ensure that you will be reaping the necessary rewards from the various tips on how to lose weight fast for kids that you will try out, you have to see to it that you will be exercising as a family as well. You do not even have to impose strict exercise regime on your kids, for there are a lot of enjoyable activities that you may use instead. Try throwing Frisbees with your kids, the next time that you visit the park together. This kind of activity, along with other tips on how to lose weight fast for kids, will surely help your kids adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Home Remedies To Get rid of Acne Marks Which Spoil Your Beauty

In this modern time , there are many medicines for every disease. But some problems are really such types, which come back again and again. The most common problem which is in today’s youth is, pimples and the marks which come on skin by them. These are called acne marks. Most of the youngsters have this problem. So to cure this problem don’t use any medicine. Because use of chemicals is not a good option for these marks.So here are some home remedies by which you can make your skin glowing, attractive and no marks. So follow the below steps:

Home Remedies to Remove Acne Marks

Wash Your Face Many Times In A Day:

For removing pimples from face, you will have to wash your face many times in a day. Because by this the dirt and the many particles of dust or oil particles will not stay on the skin and the skin can get the fresh air easily. This is the most common treatment of pimples.

Avoid Oily Food:

Oily food like junk food which have lots of oil in it , is not good for our skin. So avoid oily food. This will make your skin free from oil.

Drink Lots of Water:

Drink at least 2 liters of water or more in a day. By this you will remove toxins from your body and the heat which is inside your body will also be release by this.

Use Lemon Juice On Pimples:

Lemon juice has the fighting power to fight with pimples. Because lemon juice has vitamin c in it and Vitamin C is very useful for this.

Provide Steam On Face:

Steam is also a home remedies which can help us to remove pimples easily and fast.

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Best Weird placesTo Visit In Australia:

Australia is arguably one of the most unique travel destinations in the world. Due to its geographical location and isolation from the rest of the world it has the most unique natural features and wildlife in the world. Australia is the native home of the Aborigine people. The Aborigines have managed to keep and follow their culture and tradition to this day. Visiting the Australian Outback helps you to interact with the Aborigines and experience their lives as they cope with the harsh desert environment that is experienced in Australia’s interior. The following are the best weird places to visit in Australia;

Maitland Gaol:
• This prison was one of the most inhumane in Australia. It housed rapists, serial killers, murderers and other hardcore criminals. Executed prisoners were buried in the prison’s courtyard. The cells are very small and you will cringe when you think about the appalling conditions that prisoners endured.
• Ghosts of prisoner’s lurk through the hallways and cells. As you walk through the hallways you will hear voices crying, whistles, strange shadows and other supernatural events that you can only believe when you visit this prison.

Mill Hill Hotel:
• This haunted hotel is located in Bondi Junction, New South Wales. The rooms of this hotel are haunted by ghosts. The hotel is haunted by a child’s ghost that plays tricks on guests and a lady ghost who sleeps with unaccompanied men at night.

Pool Of Siloam:
• The Pool of Siloam is one of the saltiest water bodies in the world, it is 7 times more salty than the oceans. Since it is very salty swimming is very easy because you will float without using a lot of effort.
• The Pool of Siloam has natural salts that have medicinal properties. These salts soothe your skin and help it to maintain your skin’s natural radiance.
• This pool is located in a picturesque area in Beachport, South Australia.

Magnetic Hill:
• This unique hill is located in Orroroo. At Magnetic Hill your car looks like it is rolling up hill when you engage neutral gear.
• This is caused by how the hills are set out. This creates an illusion that makes your eyes to see like the car is defying gravity by rolling uphill instead of downhill.

Blue Lake:
• This lake is located in Mt Gamblier’s which is an extinct volcano. From November to March it turns to turquoise blue and then changes back to steel grey colour from April to November.
. This occurs because the surface layers of the lake are warmed leading to formation of calcium carbonate.

Tailem Bend’s Pink Lake:
• Visiting this lake gives you an out of this world experience since the Lake looks pink. The pink colour is caused by a unique species of algae that grows abundantly in the lake.
• This lake is perfect for taking photos and enjoying picnics. Do not be tempted to swim in this lake.
You should ensure that you have applied your Australia visas before you make travel plans of visiting these weird places. This gives you ample time to sort any issues that may occur.


Take a cruise in the spring with Msc Musica

Take a cruise in the spring with Msc Musica
Take a cruise in the spring with Msc Musica

Take a cruise in the spring with Msc Musica

Cross the Mediterranean in the spring? There is nothing more beautiful to see European culture while enjoying the sunshine of the Mediterranean islands. Unlike the summer, tourists are even fewer during this season of the year. The entry in the iconic monuments of the Mediterranean is much easier and there are fewer people on the beaches. Spring is also the time of the promotion for the cruise, then it is preferable for the season from cheap cruise.

Aboard Msc Musica

Precisely, the shipping company Msc Cruises offers a cruise to explore the Mediterranean, aboard his ship Msc Musica. This boat belonging to the Musica class shipowner is designed to give passengers a framework both elegant and sophisticated. 294 meters long and has 13 passenger decks, the ship can carry up to 2,550 cruise passengers and 1,014 crew members. The 1275 Cabin boat are different standards: Inside Stateroom cabin with sea view, balcony cabin and suites with balcony. These cabin categories are also available for passengers with reduced mobility. In addition, guests of the ship Msc Musica also have dedicated equipment for sports and entertainment, a wellness area, a catering service as well as other services that may be useful on board.

Crossing the Mediterranean

During his cruise in the Mediterranean, Msc Musica follow a route by alternately calling at the following main cultural cities: Rome (via Civitavecchia), Palermo, La Goulette, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia and Marseille. The passage in Italy cruise plunge in the history of Rome and Palermo, through visits to monuments and museums in both cities. Another culture is revealed on the African coast of the Mediterranean during a stopover in La Goulette. Spanish coasts promise their immense towers sunny beaches of Palma de Mallorca and Valencia. As for Marseille, Marseille has always rocked the old story of France deserves to be known.

Hikkaduwa – Most Popular Sir Lankan Beach City

Hikkaduwa – Most Popular Sir Lankan Beach City

Hikkaduwa Beach front is just about the hottest coastal town, lower state Sri Lanka. Very best bash town in Lanka. Hikkaduwa beachfront possesses superb white sand special to the location. Whitened sans sparkling within the comfy sunlight glimmer certain possesses manufactured the place possess an engaging effect on holidaymakers and visitors. Untouched with Mother Nature Hikkaduwa beachfront is the foremost location for your holidaymakers that adore sunlight and sand also looks for relief and relaxation.

This beautiful corals that have attracted a lot of visitors and holidaymakers to adopt a look with the marvels that can be welcomed in entire prosperity. Superb corals and exotic fish are classified as the leading things on this hugely well-liked beachfront place and getting the sole marine lifestyle retreat with Sri Lanka because it is usually an excellent and rich destination for a explore this biography diversity and marine lifestyle on this lovely heaven.

Scenery to determine and Things to do:

Hikkaduwa Turtle Sanctuary:

Regarding only two a long way associated with Hikkaduwa is a turtle study core that is certainly specializing in protecting this kind of dwindling in numbers types. Within your trip to the middle you will see a range of turtles plus the full procedure that is certainly accomplished before they are properly launched to the marine.

Hikkaduwa Beach front

It’s the ideal destination for the people using an adore with regard to h2o sports the way it presents routines including parasailing, diving and searching. Pertaining to searching, Hikkaduwa is just next to be able to Aru Gambay. If you wish to jump down to this serious blue h2o from the marine, there are a few historic and mysterious shipwrecks to be able to explore and in case you wish to view this beautiful corrals without having to enter into this oceans, there is also the possibility associated with wine glass underside fishing boats, which have turn out to be quite popular one of several holidaymakers. This shores with Hikkaduwa are usually soft sand and beautiful plus secure with regard to swimming. It is an excellent destination for an arrive should you be holidaying with all your young children.


Hikkaduwa is usually one of Sri Lanka’s hottest global traveling destinations. Its spectacular shores along with colorful corals, exceptional browse, numerous cafes and clubs and casinos have and still bring in a range of holidaymakers by around the globe. Snorkeling has become a quite popular interest those types of that check out Hikkaduwa, because it provides suitable approach to view a number of colorful bass and corals found in this ocean. There’s also many shipwrecks around the spot and those people who are fascinated can easily jump down to explore all of them. Aside from the shores, there are lots of some other sites only a few minutes away. You will see this fisherman at the office, look at the peaceful wats or temples that are located regional or perhaps choose a stroll around exactly where there are countless stores along with apparel, souvenirs along with knickknacks. This accommodation inside the metropolis stages by guesthouses to be able to global lodge chains, these all offer you use of this beautiful shores the place that the oceans are usually relaxed and swimming is usually secure.

Barrier Reef

Hikkaduwa Coral Ocean is a common trivial fringing ocean through an typical depth associated with all around 5 metre distances (16 ft). This coral ocean reduces this coastal erosion and kinds an all-natural breakwater. This shoreline from the nation’s park your car extends some kilometer. Generally the shoreline is usually thin, which range from 5-50 m according to the weather conditions circumstances from the year. Scuba diving is a well-liked entertainment in this article.

It is important for you to consider applying for Sri Lankan Visas in case you want to enjoy Hikkaduwa the most popular Sir Lankan Beach City.


Most Popular Tourist Places in Turkey

Turkey is an amazing country, lying in between two major continents. One part of Turkey lies in Asia which comprises of the 97% of the Turkey Landmass with the rest lying in Europe. The European part of Turkey boarders Greece and Bulgaria while the Asian part of it is major mountainous with a narrow coastal plain. The country is subdivided into seven regions, namely Aegean, Marmara, Central Anatolia, Southern Anatolia, Black sea, Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean region. Turkey is a popular tourist destination attracting tourist from all over the world. Below are the Most Popular Tourist Places in Turkey



Marmaris is a port town and tourist resort in the Mediterranean coast, located in Mula Province, southwest Turkey, along the shoreline of Riviera. Beautiful coastline, friendly people, good fresh foods and delicious local wines which could easily compete against many European vineyards.


Formerly Alaiye, this is a beach resort city and a component district in Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, 166 kilometers (103 mi) from the Antalya city. The Mediterranean climate, natural attractions, and historic heritage makes Alanya a popular destination for tourism, Warm-weather sporting events and cultural festivals take place annually in Alanya.


This is a city in the Mediterranean shore of southwestern Turkey. It is Turkey’s greatest worldwide ocean resort, spotted on the Turkish Riviera. Antalya was the world’s fourth most visited city by tourists and travellers in 2011, with 10.5 million yearly guests. Kalei, with its slender cobbled lanes of notable Ottoman time houses, is the old focus of Antalya. With its lodgings, bars, clubs, restaurants, and shopping, it has been restored to hold much of its authentic character


This is a shoreline resort and area of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean area of Turkey. It has regular Mediterranean atmosphere which is hot and dry with a warm ocean. Until the early 1980s Kermer was a rural calm area yet today the town of Kemer and waterfront towns in the region have extremely vital impact in tourism in Turkey. Kemer’s 320 billet marina offers a few restaurants for the visitors and being an imperative wintering-over marina for live on board mariners from the USA, England and all over Europe hence making it among the most popular tourist spots in Turkey.


This is a city in the southern Mediterranean coast, a resort town and one of the best-known established areas in the nation. It lies close Manavgat and the town of Selimiye, 75 km from Antalya in the Antalyaprovince. Alexander the Great congured and ruled Side without a major battle in 333 BC. The extraordinary remains are among the most striking atractions here. They cover an expansive projection where a divider and a channel separate it from the terrain. Throughout medieval times, the divider and channel were repaired and the projection houses an abundance of structures.

In conclusion for you to be allowed to travel to Turkey and visit above most popular tourist destination in Turkey, then you must apply for Turkish visas as the Turkish Law requires if you are not a Turkish Citizen.


Vietnam holiday : The village of snakes in Hanoi and Lan ha Bay cruise

The village of snakes in Hanoi

The villagers of Le Mast, only 7 km north-east from the center of Hanoi, attend the arrival of many curious visitors and hungry lunchtime. The purpose of their visit: discover the snake meat. A dining experience that leaves no one indifferent.

Her arms are covered with scars. The man of few words. Perhaps this is due to its long proximity many reptiles they host in his own house. “I have been practicing this profession since I was a child. The bite of a snake is very painful but we always take care to extract the venom first, “says the owner.

Arranged in boxes securely closed, most snakes are cobras, sometimes large size. In Vietnam, a plate of snake is regarded as giving strength and virility “a man’s attitude.”Everything is eaten in the snake, Scarcely had I agreed to try a specimen that misfortune is abbat the reptile chose to serve me lunch. Head immediately sliced, his blood is collected in order to be drunk.

Shortly after, a waiter comes with two liquids: one fluorescent green and the other red blood, corresponding to the bile and blood of the animal. The two liquids are accompanied by a small dish containing the heart snake fresh.The appetizer, assorted peanuts, is cut with the local vodka. Before my reluctance, the owner grabs the glass of blood, poured heart still beating and after singing a resounding “word, Hai Ba” (One, Two, Three), empty the explosive cocktail of a line dry.

After this first ritual is the slaughter of the “monster”; in this case a relatively small snake. Taken in the kitchen, the animal is handled by local cooks. This will provide seasoned and developed through a dozen of traditional dishes, often with lemongrass: chopped his head will make excellent skewers, spring rolls his nets, his back a salad, soup belly, tail slurry.Almost nothing is discarded. Even the skin is grilled cuisine. In the end, the taste of the snake is a little obscured by the different sauces and dishes that accompany it. On the palate, its texture halfway between meat and fish makes this dish Vietnamese truly unique. For those who do not appreciate the taste of these dishes, you will try alcohol serpent. This digestive whose active substance is dissolved in the liquid venom, is known for its aphrodisiac qualities.

A recognized specialty and lucrative

The mast has a total of one hundred households of farmers employing nearly 400 people, plus two large specialized farms in meat production and breeding snakes. The village welcomes every day nearly 1,000 Vietnamese and foreign visitors who come to discover this local specialty. A real business that had almost disappeared yet there has this twenty years.In 1960, Le Mast already had a breeding snakes for restaurants and pharmaceutical production farm. In 1993, Vietnam has ratified international conventions on the protection of wild life, decided to impose restrictions on the profession. Dishes snakes disappeared plates for many years.

Aware of the negative repercussions on local and anxious to revive this traditional activity economy, the authorities decided in 2007 to grant the status of the mast craft village. And based on this new approval, they made plans a development of the village, in order to reconcile the economic activities of farming and processing with the arrival of snakes ever growing foreign tourists.

Practical Information:

To get to the village of Le Mast, the easiest way is to use public transport by bus # 10 to the bus station in Long Bien (3000 VND ticket). Since the station down there only a few hundred meters to go to the village. Allow between 20 and 30 minutes by bus.The snake belonging to luxury Vietnamese dishes, it will take between 300,000 and 600,000 VND per head for a group of 4 people.

Lan Ha bay Cruise:

People know  alot about Halong bay , but less about Lan ha Bay, a little charming bay next to the famous bay of Halong ! But i advice you strongly to visit this bay , after crossing Halong bay by the day 1 in all tours that every one can propose ! Don’t miss this tiny but quiet bay as less tourist land over here ! You can enjoy in maximum your free time in Vietnam – For more infos about Lan Ha bay and Snakes village of Le mat, please follow this link,http://www.junkcatba.com , by Minh Anh Travel in Vietnam , the Local tour operator who are one of specialists for Off beaten tracks tours !

Culture and Must see attractions of Turkey

As one of the most historically and culturally relevant country in the world, Turkey is the ideal destination for culture fanatics to learn more about the Classics. Resonate with important history and inhabited since the Paleolithic Period, Turkey has been a bridge between the East and the West for centuries. The depth of history and culture that has permeated the country will leave you reeling. Below are 4 Cultural and must see attractions of Turkey


Ankara lies at the of “must visit” places of Turkey. If you are interested in museums and historic places then Ankara is your destination. The capital offers a wide range of Turkish native products, hand crafts and works and you can also try your bargain skills here. Don’t forget to visit the Turquoise cost in Turkey if you’re a lover of beaches his city has its own flavor, the perfect blend between a cosmopolitan and a heritage loving city

Hodja Cultural Center

For those who like cultural dancing, then Hodja Cultural Center is the best place to visit on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays evening. Here, an ensemble of dancers performs a series of folk dances from different parts of Anatolia. The shows go for one hour and you are also served with complimentary drinks and snacks at the expense of your ticket. In the foyer of the building there is also an exhibition showing the history of Turkey dances which stretches back through the centuries. The 500-year old Hodja Cultural Center is ideally a great delight to experience.


Situated in southwestern Anatolia, the ancient city of Hierapolis sits on the site of hot springs near Pamukkale in Modern Turkey. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is likely to be an important part of your itinerary tour to the region. Just a short distance from Ephesus, the hot springs here have been in use since the second century BC. The city was built on a grid of streets that ran perpendicular or parallel to the main thoroughfare and it is here that the necropolis of Marcus Aurelius is located. Visit the theatre that was first destroyed by an earthquake in 17 AD and rebuilt in 60 AD, and then head over to explore the Temple of Apollo, Neptune’s Gate and the Necropolis.

Magic Ice Museum

Located in Istanbul, It is an ideal individual excursion to add flavor to your Turkey tour. The museum is the first of its kind which was started in such a mild climate, and while outside it may reach temperatures of around 40 C, inside it is always -5 C or even below. The museum usually provides extra clothes for those who arrive unprepared for the coldness but there is no spare shoe, so you should not wear open shoes while touring this historical museum! There are a wide range of beautiful and sight catching ice sculptures throughout the museum, showing the Viking culture and enhancing a glimpse into the lives of the Scandinavian citizens, without even having to take a trip there. Magic Ice Museum will definitely add something cool down your Turkey tours!

In conclusion, for you to travel to above cultural and must see attractions in Turkey, then apply for Turkish visas as the law requires if you are not a Turkish Citizen.

Internet in Vietnam: how to connect when you travel in Vietnam?

Internet is gaining ground fast in Vietnam. Different service providers offer several types of packages .If you need an Internet connection , it is very easy to take a subscription. If you have a computer or a cell phone , go to any branch of the service provider you choose , having your identity documents . Different providers offer different types of packages allowing you to stay connected to the web and surf freely at competitive rates .

Connection types

Most Vietnamese cities are now connected to the Internet. If you find , you can choose between broadband and narrowband . For low flow, you will be charged according to your usage time . With regard to broadband, you can enjoy interesting packages , sometimes offering unlimited connections.

If you do not want to subscribe , you can always resort to prepaid Internet cards that require no registration . These are available from 100,000 VND in all supermarkets and electronics stores. Just buy the amount of credit you intend to use.

In some cafes and restaurants, you can enjoy free access to Wi-Fi but you must bring your laptop or your mobile phone.


To communicate with friends and relatives in Vietnam and abroad , you can use the Skype tool. You simply download the software for free on the Internet. This allows you to make free video calls .

Cyber ​​cafes

If you do not have a computer or mobile phone, you can still surf the web by going to a cyber cafe . You will find in almost all Vietnamese cities . Quality connection available is constantly changing . Rates vary between 4,000 and 8,000 VND per hour. Some of them might offer you call through the IP Voice network against higher rates .

  Useful links:

NETNAM www.netnam.vn
Vina Phone vinaphone.com.vn
VNPT www.vnpt.vn
Viettel Telecom www.vietteltelecom.vn

Vietnam travel http://trekasie.com/

A new travel app for iPhone and iPad

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