Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi during your Vietnam holiday

The charming Hanoi city has many things to offer to travellers in its center since it is a city of flowers, giving a poetic and colorful town character. Arriving in Hanoi, travelers are impressed by the variety of flowers, each season is related to own beautiful flowers, the lotus at the moment.

Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi
Lotus tea – A culture attraction in Hanoi

The lotus is very popular in Vietnam, strongly connected with a common cultural tradition in many peoples of Asia . Initially, it is the sex of the woman, the matrix materials on the universe, the vital ECLAN and pleasure. According to the Brahmanical and Buddhist designs, its beauty and purity on the edge of the mud vile world are fleeting image of virtue. A Vietnamese proverb also says: “Growing in the mud, the lotus does not feel nauseous ordeur.

Hanoi is home to many areas planted of lotus flowers, especially at the edge of West Lake. Now it is the season when the lotus flowers. Pink flowers combines harmoniously with the soft green large leaves that cover the entire surface of the water. It seems the sweltering summer heat are softened a bit through the scent of lotus floating in the air.

Visiting Hanoi this season, tourists can easily find the marchands of flowers walking slowly beside their bikes full lotus flowers. These flower baskets evoke the arrival of the season lotus, despite of many modern changes in this city, the Hanoian always keep an elegant leisure: fun with flowers.

Since Longtime, the Hanoian people have the habit of tea lotus in the middle of pond covered with lotus flowers . During your trip to Hanoi, do not hesitate to take a cup of lotus tea, from the West Lake. In fact, the flavor of lotus tea is considered like art which became the pride of Hanoian. The preparation of this tea is long and complicated, so it requires patience, delicacy and care

To prepare the tea lotus, it is essential to choose the most parfumed lotus flowers in the West Lake. We must pick the flowers before sunrise, when their fragrance is not yet released. Stamens is kept in a sealed container . After that, we’ll do the flavoring in the same morning. In a porcelain vase that is deposited in layers, alternating, tea and stamens. The tea is then dried before being returned to the vessel.

During the season of lotus, we can see many lotus fields that stretched out of sight on the West Lake. People come here to enjoy the lotus tea, which is pure, golden color and slightly fragrant, contemplating the lotus flowers. The scenery here is beautiful and poetic, especially in the evening moon. In such an atmosphere, it feels really nice, in particular, we can better feel the smoothness of the gastronomic culture of Hanoian. If you really want to discover this cutlural fact during your stay in this capital city, contact Minh Anh Travel to ask about the tour organisation

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